What Are the Symptoms of Anxiety Attack?

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asked Mar 7, 2010 by anonymous

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There are two Types of Symptoms for Anxiety Attack, the Emotional and the Physical Symptoms.

Here are the list of the Emotional Symptoms:

- Trouble concentrating
- Feelings of always being tensed and jumpy
- Feelings of Apprehension or dread
- Restlessness
- Irritability
- Feeling like your mind is always going blank
- Always watching for signs of danger

Here are the list of the Physical Symptoms:

- Sweating
- Pounding of heart
- Shortness of breath
- Stomach upset of dizziness
- Frequent Diarrhea and urination
- Headaches
- Muscle tensions
- Fatigue
- Insomnia

If you have two or more of these symptoms, you should go and have a check up with your doctor, these are serious symptoms that you shouldn't ignore.

Hope this list helps.
answered Mar 7, 2010 by anonymous