How Much Does a Stairlift Cost?

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asked Apr 24, 2010 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Although we receive many requests asking for pricing on stairlifts, we cannot answer that request with a general answer. The price of a stairlift is based largely on a variety of factors; including:

      •  Staircase Curved or Straight

      • Number of Steps in Staircase

      • Special Features

      • Width of Staircases

      • Complexity of Fitting Process

      • Maximum Weight

We do understand that not having a general guideline for pricing can be frustrating, but feel it would be irresponsible for us to give out a price guideline that may not be correct.  

To obtain a price quote you can arrange for a free no obligation survey. During this meeting a surveyor will visit your home, take measurements, assess fitting requirements and discuss optional features with you. At that time they can give you a more accurate no obligation price quote.
answered Jun 4, 2010 by anonymous