What Are the Different Options for Treating Bacterial Vaginosis?

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asked Apr 16, 2010 by anonymous

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There are two different treating options for Bacterial Vaginosis that your doctor can prescribe and give you.

Here are the two treating options for Bacterial Vaginosis:

- watchful waiting. This is when the doctor don't give you any prescription medication and wait if your vaginal condition can be cured on its own. When the levels of lactobacili increases in your vaginal area the bad bacteria are lessen

- second is by taking antibiotic medications, it can either be taken oral or applied in your vaginal area. These antibiotics can eliminate the bad bacterias. However, studies have shown that women who have taken prescription antibiotics experienced recurrence of Bacterial Vaginosis.

There are other ways of treating Bacterial Vaginosis and most of the natural treatment are safe and effective.
answered Apr 16, 2010 by anonymous