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What Is a Femoral Nerve Dysfunction?

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Femoral Nerve Dysfunction is also known as Neuropathy - Femoral Nerve. This condition is characterized by a loss of  sensation or movement in the legs that is caused by the damage of femoral nerve that is located in the legs and is responsible for supplying muscles that helps the legs to be strengthen and this also supplies the sensation in the legs.

Here are the Causes of Femoral Nerve Dysfunction:

- direct trauma
- pressure on the nerve
- compression of the nerve

Here are the Symptoms of Femoral Nerve Dysfunction:

- feeling pain in the thigh or in the inner calf
- changes in sensation in thigh, leg or knee
- pain in the thigh, leg or knee'
- abnormal sensations that you feel in thigh, leg or knee
- tingling and burning sensation in thigh, leg or knee
- weakness in knee or leg
- difficulty with ascending/descending stairs

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