What Is Cardiac Tamponade?

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asked Apr 6, 2010 by anonymous

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Cardiac Tamponade is also known as Pericardium Tamponade. This condition is characterized by a compression in the heart due to the accumulation of fluids and blood in the space between the pericardium and myocardium.

The fluids and the blood that are collected prevents the ventricles of the heart to fully expand that leads to problems with filling and pumping. This condition is often connected to Pericarditis that is caused viral or bacterial infection, stabbing wound in the heart, end stage of lung cancer, heart surgery, thoracic aneurysm and acute MI.

Here are the Symptoms of Cardiac Tamponade:

- restlessness
- anxiety
- rapid breathing
- having breathing difficulty
- palpitations
- skin turning pale, grayish and bluish
- chest pain
- fainting
- swelling of the abdomen and other body parts
- low blood pressure
- dizziness
- weak or absent pulse
- drowsiness
answered Apr 6, 2010 by anonymous