Can Kelofibrase Be Used for Healing Scars After Surgeries?

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My mum had hip replacement surgery in Dec 2012. She has a nasty scar on her hip. Her doctor adviced her to use Kelofibrase to help in healing process. I never heard of this cream before. Could you please let me know is this cream will be helpful at all.

Can it be used with another medication? How it should be stored? How long can it be used for? Are there any side effects?
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Scars are a natural part of healing process but sometimes it makes our skin not so good to look at.  There are several ways in treating or minimizing its obvious effect on the skin.

As mentioned your mom's doctor recommended Kelofibrase cream, it contains natural factor that improves skin's moisture and elasticity. to make the skin more stabilized. Apply on the affected area daily, when applying massage the area gently until the skin absorbs it.  This action will help facilitate stimulation of blood flow.

Here are the additional points to remember:  

DON'T swab wounds with hydrogen peroxide - Hydrogen peroxide will destroy new cells
DO cover the wound - moisture prevents the formation of a hard scab which blocks the development of new cells. You can also apply creams like Vaseline (petroleum jelly) under cover to keep it moisturized.
DON'T treat with Vitamin E - A study in University of Miami shows that Vitamin E impairs with healing.
DO maintain pressure on wound - covering will help flatten scars including keloids.
DON'T expose new scars to the sun - UV rays can stimulates melanocytes, it can cause skin discoloration and it can slow healing process.
DO gently massage the mark once it is completely healed - massaging it will help break down the dense bands or collagen that attached to the underlying tissue.
DON'T ignore a scar that becomes raised, itchy and red - it maybe a sign of infection or an allergic reaction to the antibacterial cream or even the bandage.

I hope it helps..
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