Is Zadiar Safe To Take As Pain Relief for Kidney Stones

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I have been prescribed Zaldiar today as pain relief for kidney stones yet have read that this drug should not be taken if you suffer from liver or kidney problems is this correct.
asked Jan 23, 2013 by anonymous

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Zaldiar has Tramadol+Paracetamol. This drug is not recommended to drink if your Creatinine Clearance (CrCl) is <10ml/min and if you have liver disease.
answered Jan 24, 2013 by donnap Diamond Guide (2,197 points)
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Zaldiar is a tablet that contains 37.5 mg Tramadol and 325 mg Paracetamol. A lower dose can be given to those with liver and kidney problems. It is safe as long as it is not taken in excess or prolonged use because it can lead to potentially life-threatening liver and kidney damage.

Take the drug as advised by the doctor (right dose and frequency). To be advised of the safest dose to take, also consult a clinical pharmacist.
answered Jan 24, 2013 by chelle Diamond Guide (1,156 points)

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