Will Lecithin Worsen Sinusitis?

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After taking one tablespoon of lecithin granules (Kordel's, soya) at breakfast for two succesive days, I experienced higher than normal dripping into my mouth arising from sinusitis that I have been suffering from for more than twenty years.  The dripping was continuous and lasting into the night - which rarely happens to me in normal times. Could such phenomenon be caused by the intake of lecithin?
asked Feb 3, 2011 by anonymous

1 Answer

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You might have experienced an allergic reaction to soya lecithin. Allergy can cause sinus blockage and nasal discharge. If you eat something with soya lecithin in it and you are allergic to soya, your sinusitis could get worse. To confirm the effect of soya lecithin, you can ask your doctor for an allergy skin test or blood test. Inform your doctor also about your known allergies and the food you have eaten on the day you experienced continuous nasal discharge so he or she can properly make a diagnosis.
answered Feb 5, 2011 by chmreyes Helpful Soul (81 points)