Could Have My Asthma Recurred?

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I had asthma since I was in my fourth grade. I had started with medications like pills and pump till I was twenty two. By that time, I started forgetting even the symptoms as I did not have any problems and I believed that I overgrew it. In due course, I got pregnant. During my maternity, I was asked about my medical history. I just mentioned it. What they told me was shocking. I did not have any attacks because I overgrew the illness was my wrong assumption. It was still there in my body but in dormant stage only. Now I am thirty one, and last year, I developed a bad cough. Whenever I am sick, it produced infected phlegm in me but once when I get rid of my illness, the phlegm produced changes to be clear one. This cough is really annoying me. You may think that I was a smoker through the way I conveyed you my illness and difficulties. Is my asthma again playing a game on me? Will I have to undergo all those medicines once more? But now, I do not have wheezing problems but certainly there is an itchy back and chin.
asked Feb 2, 2011 by anonymous