What Could Be the Reason Behind My Baby's Persistent Asthma Symptoms?

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My baby’s just 6 months old and has been diagnosed with asthma. It’s just been 3 weeks since we’ve known. Mind you, at first I was quite doubtful about the diagnosis because he never ever wheezed, neither was there any shortness of breath at any time.  The cough was all what was there but when I put my question in a message board I received several replies stating that that the diagnosis seemed right and the treatment recommended was apt. They also advised me to wait a bit to see more symptoms set in and they were right! After about 10 days, the baby had a coughing fit accompanied by a definite wheezing sound and a shortness of breath. We gave him albuterol as prescribed and he immediately got some relief and within minutes, he was alright. Now, I was more than convinced about his asthma; the other symptoms must have always been there beneath the cough which dominated above all.
The next step was to narrow down the triggers. We ruled out the open air because just a few days after his diagnosis we had gone to my mom’s camping site and spent the whole day there and the baby seemed fine but as soon as we got back and stepped into our house, he started off with his attack. So, we had to get the cat out and we took a lot of pains to dust and clean the entire house and also put away a lot of very old toys likely to have gathered a lot of dirt.
Baby continues to have a snotty nose and there’s still a rattling sound coming out every time he coughs. We consulted his pediatrician who said it must be the remnants of an allergy which we haven’t cleared as yet. I have to call the specialist today to find out more. Could it be the cat again or something in my breast milk?
asked Jan 25, 2011 by anonymous