Are My Symptoms an Indication of Mild Asthma?

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I am taking albuterol for my asthma which has been troubling me for the past few months. Usually, my health issues are centered on digestive disorders. There is a general hypothesis that I am micro aspirating because I reflux a lot. I do have major breathing problems and at times, I am so short of breath that I feel suffocated and get an awful pain around my trachea and lungs. Doing anything strenuous including exercising or playing any sport is out of question because I get very wheezy and normal breathing becomes difficult. I also have a mucous cough. Once, while I was in the sixth grade, I was tested for asthma and found to be negative. I had also done a peak flow test at that time which proved to be normal.
What do you guys out there think, could it be asthma? A few days ago, I brought up the topic with my family doctor who examined me and agreed that there were symptoms of mild asthma because I was breathing heavily but he left it at that with no further investigations. Since then, I have been reading message boards regarding asthmatic symptoms and can’t help feeling that there are certain experiences similar to mine. I read one which stated that the person was only 38 but his lung functions were that of a 78 year old! I thought that was pretty scary. Can someone answer my question as to whether mine is a simple case of sporadic asthma or is it just that I’m hallucinating? I can’t be completely symptom free for sure because why is it that the albuterol helps? I’m anxious about the whole thing because if I do have asthma then it’s just another disease to my already existing bandwagon of digestive and sinus related illnesses. I’m only 17 years old so that’s quite a lot to bear with, isn’t it? Funny thing is even my Grandmother is healthier than me!
asked Jan 25, 2011 by anonymous