What Should I Do About My Daughter's Low Peak Flow Readings?

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My daughter was diagnosed with asthma and at first, she was prescribed Predisolone when she had her first attack in March. We had to take her to the ER. Then again, she had another attack in April and she was at the ER again and this time, she was given Serevent. The third attack she got in May and had to be admitted into the hospital for a period of five days. She was given Predisolone again combined with Flovent 110, Singulair and Serevent. She was also asked to inhale Albuterol and use Albuterol in the nebuliser.
When her Peak Flow test was taken, there was a decrease in the reading and she was in the yellow zone but there were no other symptoms to be seen. Once we got her nebulized, her peak flow reading reverted back to green. Whew, what a relief! When we met the pediatrician next, he said she seemed fine. I called the doctor and not her pediatrician to get the action plan ready for when we leave the hospital. Somehow, I seemed to lose all confidence in the Pediatrician as my child always was in the yellow zone and only reverted to the green zone when she was nebulized. I was advised by the doctor to nebulise her four times a day for three days and then gradually stop the process by decreasing it to three times a day for three days, and then twice daily and so on.
She then developed a cough soon after and she’s back on the nebuliser. Her peak flow reading dropped to the red zone and her reading gets back to green once she is nebulized. So, can you tell me what I should do? I have been told that she has not been on Flovent long enough to see the difference yet. I am at the end of my tether, so help me please.
asked Jan 24, 2011 by anonymous