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What's the Most Effective Treatment for My Coughing Spells?

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I am a twenty three year old man who has been an asthmatic ever since I was born but I find that my situation has become worse since quite a while now. I have been on Flixotide and Serevent inhalers after I went on a tour in 1999. I also use Uniphyplin pills along with Syntral Nasal spray and Fexfandine pills for hay fever. I had been prescribed Singulair also but it was not very effective for me. I am always contracting chest infections and experience it once a month. So, I have to have a lot of antibiotics as a result. Then, I have to have Prednisone 3o mg for about three months but since two weeks, my asthma has become very bad. My chest is extremely weak and I suffer from coughing fits when I talk much or strain myself a lot. I find that my levels have gone down from 600 to 500. My doctor has sent me for chest X-rays because they think it could be real pneumonia. I will not get the result for a few weeks. I am really tensed as I find that no medicine is effective for me. I would be very grateful if someone could help me out with the problems that I am experiencing by suggesting some alternative for me.

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