How Can I Relieve Myself From These Painful Cramps?

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Hello! It seems that I am like addicted to Theophylline because of a really bad attack of asthma. I was also pondering what the potassium deficiency symptoms were? I am severely asthmatic and of late, the doses of my medicine have been increased and as a result, I have been experiencing severe cramping in my calves and chest and this is the most unwanted thing as your peak flow should be over the value of 200. It’s making my life a living hell as I have to struggle a lot to do anything on my own. It gets really tough to stride any length without being out of breath and imagine my plight that I have to hobble. I have to do a lot of chores at home and it is really taking a lot of effort to do it with the cramps and what not. Taking care of a 2 year old child is taking the pain to a whole new level. I have to literally run around the whole house trying to feed the baby and another lap is required for getting him to go to sleep. Thankfully, my husband is helping me out; otherwise, I think my child would be motherless.
I am bearing my heart out here. Any suggestion on how to improve my condition is accepted and greatly appreciated. Did anybody else have such symptoms or am I the odd one out? Does anybody have any idea how to prevent these cramps? I can take supplements for my potassium deficiency but I don’t wish to, as I am having enough tablets to be counted as a whole meal.

Please help.
asked Jan 21, 2011 by anonymous