What Are the Best Measures To Be Done Regarding My Symptoms?

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I have more questions and I was wondering because I don't wake up at nights with asthma but I always wanted to wake up when I feel awful. However, I never try to wake up, not even after 10 or 11 hours of sleep. I am suffering from this for very long period of time and I don’t want to be continued by this. That's the reason I am going out but right now, that is physically impossible for me to do because of this Asthma. Does anyone know anything by doing that I can be a guy who wants to have fun and be young without asthma and won’t get allergies in my everyday life? Can’t anyone do this because of asthma? Also, when I get up, the entire muscles ache like anything, my head hurts a lot and etc. I also suffer from bruising all over my body and from unusual lump formations on the back of one of my calves among many other side effects. The minor side effects are bronchiectasis, obstructive sleep apnea and etc. which I suffer from when I use that drug.  I exercise but it seems like I just can't lose any weight. I'm going to talk to my doctor. I also I want to take rescue inhaler all the time.  Will this have anything to do with asthma? Also, do I look just a strange sleeper?
asked Jan 21, 2011 by anonymous