What's the Best Substitute for Advair?

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Every morning, I take Singulair, Vitamin C pill, and VITE mixed pill because of my asthma and I usually take my Advair at night because that's mainly the only time I get asthma symptoms. After hearing all the controversy with Advair being a risk for asthma-related death, I want to stop using it and I liked Advair at night because it didn't keep me up or my heart beating and I could go to sleep. Are there any supplements or substitutions I should talk to my doctor about which can give me an easy breath at night without the insomnia? I still have my Xopenex HFA inhaler but that makes me jittery but I feel that it is really a high dose for me. Please let me know is there anyone who is undergoing the treatment in the same way i.e. taking the similar doses in similar conditions. I know that it’s only for the short period of time until it is under control. My ENT told me to take the medicines for both the asthma and allergies. Also is it anything better than Zyrtec medication?  Please let me know if there are any side effects.
asked Jan 21, 2011 by anonymous

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