Could Have My Daughter's Asthma Recurred Due To the Colds?

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My daughter is almost nine years old. One of my doctors said that she has a cough-induced asthma and also, she is suffering from major allergies. Tubes put in & adenoids removed when my daughter was four years old which really helped us a lot. She used to have problems for about 4 to 6 times in a year and then after this, she seems to have major improvement. From here, all the medications have been stopped.  My daughter went over 1 year peacefully without a single asthma related problems. We were thrilled looking at this but felt happy that she is out of asthma but it didn’t last because then she started complaining of this pain in her chest when her classes are going on. This continues to pain her very much, so I took her to an allergist in the month of January and I was very shocked to see that her small airways are at 50%. Now, she’s back on taking Pulmicort daily & Albuterol before her class. Also, a month later, my daughter was affected with cold. After that, major asthma problems started. Can any tell whether this has started because of the cold? We started nebulizing her for every three to four hours with 2 different types of Prednisone. It took three weeks in order for her to finally recover and her small airways are 47%. Again, we need to add Singulair along with Pulmicort and Albuterol. Also, she may be affected with an exercise-induced asthma. So, were we really unable to think that she has actually out-grown her asthma or anything else? Why did my daughter go over a year without any medications? No attacks were seen on those days but only to notice that it comes back with a vengeance? Is there any cure for this asthma? Why are the poor children like mine are affected by this?
asked Jan 21, 2011 by anonymous