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Anyone Who Has an Idea What Ige Is All About?

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My name is Jessie and I am a bit confused. I have given my blood to the specialist and they would like to check my IGE levels. I have a question regarding that; what does the IGE stand for? I knew something about it as it is a measurement of how checking of the allergenic reactions. Is this correct? If it reads high when tested, then I am sure it means that I would be more suitable for the allergy based therapies.  However, I want to know what happens if the allergy test comes back very low? I always have attacks for no reason.  Could this because I am very allergic or because I have weird lungs? Also, when I suffer an attack, this is because when a PF of about 90 which should be about 500. Do you know what other treatments are likely available for this? My consultant has advised me to take Prednisolone & Theophylline & Seretide, Flixotide, Singulair and also cetrizine. I am on maximum doses for all these medicines except prednisolone. I am getting a pulse rate of 140 plus at night.  I knew that it's a side effect of the medicines but how high the pulse rate should go? Is this because of the medicines of asthma or any other else? I'm constantly tired and I get dizziness spells and suffer pains on the left side of my chest. Is this because of the asthma I am affected? Also, not only pains, but odd sharp stabbing twinges. Does this has other possible causes, like I was not able to get a good sleep and has achy sore lungs. Am I worrying very much? I saw 2 Doctors today and then I was worried because I was very tachycardia and the other doctor took my rate of pulse and the blood pressure rates were really reasonably normal of 92. Is that ok?

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