Anyone Who Has an Idea What Ige Is All About?

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My name is Jessie and I am a bit confused. I have given my blood to the specialist and they would like to check my IGE levels. I have a question regarding that; what does the IGE stand for? I knew something about it as it is a measurement of how checking of the allergenic reactions. Is this correct? If it reads high when tested, then I am sure it means that I would be more suitable for the allergy based therapies.  However, I want to know what happens if the allergy test comes back very low? I always have attacks for no reason.  Could this because I am very allergic or because I have weird lungs? Also, when I suffer an attack, this is because when a PF of about 90 which should be about 500. Do you know what other treatments are likely available for this? My consultant has advised me to take Prednisolone & Theophylline & Seretide, Flixotide, Singulair and also cetrizine. I am on maximum doses for all these medicines except prednisolone. I am getting a pulse rate of 140 plus at night.  I knew that it's a side effect of the medicines but how high the pulse rate should go? Is this because of the medicines of asthma or any other else? I'm constantly tired and I get dizziness spells and suffer pains on the left side of my chest. Is this because of the asthma I am affected? Also, not only pains, but odd sharp stabbing twinges. Does this has other possible causes, like I was not able to get a good sleep and has achy sore lungs. Am I worrying very much? I saw 2 Doctors today and then I was worried because I was very tachycardia and the other doctor took my rate of pulse and the blood pressure rates were really reasonably normal of 92. Is that ok?
asked Jan 21, 2011 by anonymous