Can Asthma Cause Back Pains?

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I am an asthmatic patient who regularly suffers from severe bouts of asthma. It started out as a mild case of breathlessness when I was a child. At that time, I neglected it thinking that it would go away or subsequently get healed but it gradually developed into an attack of full scale asthma. It was then that I decided to consult the doctor but by then, most of the damage had already been done and since then, I have been suffering a lot due to the severe attacks of asthma. I have been put through a lot of medications to get relief from asthma but none of these medicines provide me any kind of relief from this problem.  
I can’t sleep at the night as even any slightest lying down position will make me cough to no end and it is really very frustrating. My peak flows will never come close to the green zone but they stay at about 200-350 even while having done prednisone.  
So are my lungs damaged? What should be done to overcome this? I am lost and clueless between the doctors and medicines.
I also began to notice of late that I have been experiencing a lot of back pain as soon as I get Asthma. I am just curious to know that does asthma cause any back pain. Does anyone believe in the fact that back pain may also cause difficulty in breathing?
asked Jan 20, 2011 by anonymous