What Should I Do To Overcome My Symptoms From Asthma?

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Hello everybody! I am pretty new to this website. I discovered this web site while doing an extensive search in order to find some answers. This is kind of a long story but it has been happening!
I am a 17 year old girl who is new to asthma and have developed an exercise-induced asthma last march. I was given Ablution for exercise but the asthma turned into an allergy-induced in the May. I was put on Advair 250/50 two times a day and stayed on it with no problems till late November this year. I then started having lots of problems while in gymnastics because the littlest of the things I do would really get me into a serious breathlessness that I never did before. I started having a lots of night time symptoms of breathlessness and cough and then it became very hard to sleep without having any breathing trouble. As time passed by, the symptoms got very serious. I consulted a doctor and found out that my peak flow is very low and while I don’t wheeze and doctors also never hear it, she said that my airways sounded pretty tight and not like my regular breathing that should be for my age. I saw the doctor whom I consulted before who said that I must wait until I was better and also have some pulmonary function test done and asked me to take Singulair.
The day that I stopped prednisone, I began coughing very horribly. Since then I had the cough, this Monday, I got a fever and also my cough has never been so dry, it is like a combination of dry as well as productive cough. So, I saw my regular doctor on Monday.  
So are my lungs damaged? What should I do to overcome this? I am so clueless and lost between doctors and medicines?
asked Jan 19, 2011 by anonymous