The Possible Causes for My Asthma

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I think I have asthma due to exercise. I experience a bad reaction when I go for running in winter. I think I suffer badly than others. I thrive to breathe and feel a burning sensation in my throat. Later on, I suffer from wheezing and will have a tight chest for more than two to three hours. I guess my asthma is due to hereditary reasons; many of my family members are suffering from asthma. Eczema is a common thing in my family and my asthma may be related to it. I had reported with acute bronchitis in my infant stage which could be the reason behind my asthma.
asked Jan 19, 2011 by anonymous

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Yes, you might have inherited your asthma from your parents/family. Also, Eczema is a general class of allergic hypersensitivity that is also a risk factor for developing asthma. Weather changes have also been known to stimulate asthma attacks. Cold air can lead to airway congestion.
answered Apr 27, 2013 by lois Diamond Guide (1,245 points)