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The Possible Causes for My Asthma

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I think I have asthma due to exercise. I experience a bad reaction when I go for running in winter. I think I suffer badly than others. I thrive to breathe and feel a burning sensation in my throat. Later on, I suffer from wheezing and will have a tight chest for more than two to three hours. I guess my asthma is due to hereditary reasons; many of my family members are suffering from asthma. Eczema is a common thing in my family and my asthma may be related to it. I had reported with acute bronchitis in my infant stage which could be the reason behind my asthma.

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Yes, you might have inherited your asthma from your parents/family. Also, Eczema is a general class of allergic hypersensitivity that is also a risk factor for developing asthma. Weather changes have also been known to stimulate asthma attacks. Cold air can lead to airway congestion.

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