How Do I Deal With My Son's Asthma and All His Medications?

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My son has asthma and my husband feels that suffering from Asthma is nothing very big. The point is that I do not want my son to take too much medication but at the same time, I do not want him suffering either. Right from the moment he was born, there have been only problems piling on, one on top of the other. He is allergic to almost everything like environmental allergy, seasonal allergies, food allergies etc. I never knew for many years that he had asthma and feel so very bad that I let it go or so long and am so guilt ridden because of it. All that vomiting and cleaning up, the nonstop wiping of his leaky nose, trying to settle him down when he was having an incessant cough, was I guess part of his suffering from asthma. I really do not want to have to deal with this anymore. I have been reading all the posts in this forum, but none of them seem very encouraging. I feel that all of them out there are so terribly over medicated, leave alone the adverse effects. I have so many things to look into and I do not want this to be an added burden. Can somebody out there give me some really helpful hints please?
asked Jan 12, 2011 by anonymous