Could I Be Having an Asthma Attack Right Now?

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About one and a half years ago, I was informed by the doctor that I had asthma. Even now, when I’m writing this post, I find it really difficult to catch my breath and there is tightness in my chest. Till date, I have never had an attack and I do not know whether what I am experiencing now is really an attack. Do you think that I am reading right? Please do give me a reply.
asked Jan 12, 2011 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, and chest pain or pressure like what you have experienced are some of the symptoms of an asthma attack. It is much better if you go to an asthma specialist (Allergist, Internist, Otolaryngologist, Pulmonologist) for you to be given proper treatment and medications.
answered Apr 28, 2013 by lois Diamond Guide (1,245 points)