What Can I Do About My Flactuating Peak Flow Readings?

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Normally, my peak flow ranges from 380 and 420 and my yellow zone starts about 340. I had experienced an asthma attack last April, and from May my peak flow ranged between 350 and 380. I haven’t given a deeper thought for it and was hoping that it will be normal automatically. Since commencement of June, they started to fluctuate from 310 to 420. From the middle of the month, I started to experience the following symptoms like chest tightness, difficulty in breathing, etc. so I started taking Prednisone. I also experience GERD for which I had to increase the intake of Prilosec, along with double dosage of magnesium. After a time period of ten days, the flow dropped around 90 points.  My doctor prescribed me to take calcium channel blocker in order to lower my Blood Pressure. I face this situation when I experience an asthma attack. He had a view that my peak flow would be normal and it would be as a muscle relaxant. But all were vain. He has also prescribed me antibiotics. Now my peak flow is between 330 and 380, along with chest tightness. I have a normal CXR. I had got myself admitted in hospital for nine days suffering from the same illness after 3 or 4 months. I am still continuing taking all the medicines. Please suggest any help.
asked Jan 2, 2011 by anonymous