What Other Medications Can You Recommend for My Asthma?

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I just found out this website and joined in it. I am a man of 43 years old who’s living with a life-long asthma. In ‘98, I was diagnosed with bronchiolitis which worsened last year. In February, I got some breathing problems and there was a low of 20% in my oxygen level. I was on a drug of 15 mg with an improvement of 40% from the last asthma attack. I got a combination of drugs including Pulmicort and a nebulizer. They also gave me zolair, a drug which I have less tolerance with. It is a dreadful medicine. I wonder how people can take this medicine. I am very much concern about my work so I do not need to go for an experiment. I need to go home to my wife and two children. As I am working in a construction field, I need to have some medicine. I welcome all suggestions of a good medicine from your experience.
asked Dec 30, 2010 by anonymous