Could My New Pet Be the Sole Trigger for My Asthma?

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I am posting my doubt for the first time in this forum. There will be some similarities of my problem with those who are using this forum. I am an asthma patient from the age of five, and now I am 28 years of age. I am desperately in need of good advice for my problem. I was allergic to my cat that was brought home last October. I faced the symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes. Her scratches would make a hives on my skin. From then on, I started to take allergy shots which were working well on me, and after which, I didn’t have any problem with her. My decision to bring another cat ended up by getting a second one. Prior to this, I had visited his house where he lived and didn’t find any problem with him. But now since he came I face a number of problems. I am using inhaler once or twice a week, and no other medicines other than allegro. I may sometimes wake up middle of the night in the dire need of the medicine. It made me compulsory to use albuterol inhaler since he came home. I have also used Primatene for a few times. Along with this, I am taking singulair, advair and allegro 24. I was not aware of what actually caused me these problems. But only lately came to know about that my cat is the main trigger for my asthma. I hope no other reasons can be pointed out for my problems.
asked Dec 30, 2010 by anonymous