Should My Daughter Be Getting Treatments for Her Asthma Attacks?

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Hello all of you. I am a new user to this site and I do hope you will forgive me if I make a faux pas. My daughter, I was told, had asthma though it was not the very severe type. Hence, she was not put on any medication to ward off any attacks if and when needed. Another point was that none of the doctors that I had been taking her to were specialists; only General Practitioners and they never asked me to take her to any specialists in spite of the fact that she had been having attacks. She is now five years old and I find that she has been getting breathless more and more often these days. She does not have much wheezing, it’s only that she keeps becoming breathless. This sort of incident happens about four times in a week and I would like to know whether her asthma is beginning to get out of control and if it is necessary to give her breathing treatments when she is out of breath. I would be obliged for any help that I can receive.
asked Dec 30, 2010 by anonymous