What Explains My Asthmatic Symptoms When I Tested Negative for It?

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Hello guys. I am new to the scene here. I have some doubts and queries which I am hoping you guys could solve. There is something called methacholine challenge, which is a positive test to confirm whether a person has asthma or not; and despite my doc’s strong belief that I did have asthma, the test results were opposite to what he expected. I have been having coughing troubles for a long time now and the breathing gets really tough during night and in winter season.
I was on Symbicort, pulmicort and a turbohaler called briconyl ever since I started having these problems. They have been of great help in rescuing from my distress of asthma and cough. Since the test results were negative the pulmonologist has asked to discontinue these medicines. Man, have I seen hell since then or what? My cough has grown in intensity and my breathing has never been this bad.
The doctor after seeing my deteriorating condition has asked to resume with my medication. What I am wondering is whether something went wrong during the test or is something not right with me? I forgot to mention I did respond to methacholine and so was given ventolin to regain my normal breathing.
Please do reply for the questions I have put forth. I am looking forward to them so that I can take my further course of action.
asked Dec 24, 2010 by anonymous