Ozone Inhaler As an Alternative To Control Asthma Attack

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There is a type of air purifier that you plug into your car cigarette lighter which acts as an ozone type filter. I did not believe in this thing till now because of the ozone-asthma connection. I have to consider this now; otherwise I can’t even open my eyes inside my vehicle. I think I have some condition causing dry eyes. It could be mold probably. So even without air, my eyes are so difficult to be kept open. If I have the air on then it affects my asthma and I get chest pains. So I’ve resorted to putting on the air only when it’s absolutely necessary like to defrost in freezing weather when the windows are foggy or frosty. I have to drive to work every day and it takes 1-2 hours. That is why I am keen on the ozone inhaler. I believe it’s bad for the lungs, then why is it found in my rescue inhaler? Maybe it’s not so bad after all. I’m willing to try anything to keep my allergy irritants in control. Ultimately I might be advised to change my car, but I can’t afford to do that. The new models have cabin air filters I believe.
asked Dec 24, 2010 by anonymous