Is It Pregnancy or My Asthma That Is Causing My Breathing Problems?

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Hello Everybody! I am pretty new to the board and I have some questions to ask you. Here is my background for you people to read through it. I am twelve weeks pregnant and I was diagnosed as suffering with acute asthma four years ago. I am always signing and yawning all the day long from when I get up in the morning till I go to bed. Sometimes, I feel that I am unable to breathe enough oxygen. Also sometimes I feel that my lungs are feeling very tried. And also I feel very dizzy and I thought it as a normal symptom of pregnancy. So, I have doubt that whether it is due to my pregnancy or due to asthma. I also spoke to my primary care doctor and OB about these symptoms. But my OB said that this is just because of the pregnancy not any other disease. Really, I am having a very hard time in believing this and I also asked my friends and colleagues regarding this issue but no one had such type of symptoms when they were pregnant. I know that more short of breath is totally normal with the activity we do but for me it is taking too long to breathe the air and it's very suffocating all the time. As I know that anxiety can cause breathing problems in order to get relax from my anxiety I started using Zoloft from 3 weeks ago and I noticed any difference yet instead of using that. But I was stupid enough to not listen to him and continued smoking and I have quit smoking recently due to pregnancy and I do not know if it is due to fall weather or because of being pregnant that I am unable to breathe. I haven't used my inhaler for the past two years and suddenly I am using it every day as well as during the night. I also vomit after going through my coughing spells as a result of coughing so hard and it keeps me up all night. This coughing cannot be good enough for my baby. Does anyone think that pregnancy can trigger the asthma or any other allergies at this time of the year? I also have no clue about what to be done to help and the coughing is getting worse whenever I lay down.
asked Dec 12, 2010 by anonymous

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