What Could Be the Possible Side Effects of Having an Asthma Attack While Pregnant?

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I have posted here before regarding my asthma problems. My asthma has not gotten any better. It has become worse! I have am getting the attacks of asthma every night. And I vomit during these attacks and some thick white kind of mucus comes up. And last night I could get total of only three hours of sleep. And the night before that I got only one hour sleep. I cannot take this anymore further. My doctor gave me more of Albuterol which is not helping me at all. However, I got an appointment to meet an allergist but I will not get an appointment till October 21st. My OBGYN will not help much till I see an allergist. I did not have any asthma problems since the time when I was 16 years old. But all of a sudden it is back and is full blown. And I use the inhaler too much, more than what they want me to. But even then I do not get any relief. And I am also 13 weeks pregnant now. Does anyone know what will happen to my baby during the time I am having the attack of asthma? Will using more of my inhaler cause any kind of birth defects? Is this true that they cause defects in the fetus? Have I already done something wrong to the baby? I am literally going crazy here. And I cannot breathe, so I am worried. Again my doctor does not help me much. And I have also posted in pregnancy forum before and they do not want to reply any of the posts. Is there anyone that I can call, like a hotline or anything of such sort to help me? Because I just cannot take this anymore! Please help me in finding out a solution to this, because I do not want my baby to suffer.
asked Dec 11, 2010 by anonymous