Can Cold Air Be an Asthma Attack Trigger?

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It becomes very much necessary for me to rush to a bathroom when I cough due to asthma for vomiting. Has anybody else experienced a same situation? It becomes more when I usually come from a cold air. Is it a normal case during asthma? I get relaxed whenever I use an inhaler. My cough gets suppressed to a greater extent.
asked Dec 11, 2010 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Asthma nowadays is very common.  Personally, every family I know has a family member who has asthma.  I myself suffers asthma too and yes, especially when the air is too cold.  The reason behind it lies in these 3 factors :

     *  Mucus -  Our entire respiratory system is coated with a thin layer of mucus which rests on cilia and protects the lungs from particles and organisms by trapping them.  That thin layer called mucus acts in constant motion to move undersirable particles away from the respiratory system. Cold air makes the mucus thicker and causing them to have difficulty removing particles in the system.

     *  Nose -  The most important function of our nose aside from the sense of smelling is that it actually filters inhaled air to protect the tissues in our lungs.  The cold air causes nose's tiny blood vessels to warm the air.  Because of this, nose tissues get swollen.  Cold air also makes the nose's mucus become thicker resulting to nasal congestion and stuffiness starts.

    * Lungs – Even with the mucus and nose, cold air can still reach our lungs.  Because of this, the lungs' reaction is to release histamine that causes asthma and the wheezing sound.

Using inhaler would really ease that difficulty in breathing.  And once you puff it, wow! it's an amazing feeling of relief.
answered Dec 12, 2010 by pb1026 Power User (276 points)