What Are the Deciding Factors for Someone To Be Admitted To the Hospital for an Asthma Attack?

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I have a few questions for the board. Let me start off by asking

Is it true that people with asthma get colds and coughs quite often and are sick, most of the time. I agree with this considering my own experience. When I was a child I was rarely sick, maybe an ear infection some time or a stray cold or cough which would go away in a day or two. But now my health has deteriorated a great deal. I get colds and bronchitis at least 6 times a year. Even my GP says I’m sick all the time.

What is the deciding factor for an asthma patient to get admitted in a hospital? I’ve always wondered whether my condition would be all that bad when my doctor insists on admitting me. This is what I’ve heard from people. The asthma must be really bad to suggest admission.

I seem to be wheezing pretty badly in the past week. It’s been like a roller coaster actually. It stated off on a Friday when I had to use 6 puffs of Ventolin, the next day 8 and on Sunday 10 and on Monday again 6 puffs. I had 25mg prednisolone and 6 puffs Ventolin plus Ventolin in my nebulizer once. This drug regime continued for another few days. Is it necessary to see my GP now? Does it sound trivial to you? I’m fairly new to all this so please advise.
asked Dec 11, 2010 by anonymous