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Have You Felt Any Negative Side Effects Using Advair for Asthma?

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Hello everybody just wanted to tell you that the doctor advised me to change my medication from Serevent and Pulmicort to Advair. This was about two or three weeks back, but when I complained that I was experiencing pain in the muscles and the joints he asked me to go back to Serevent and Pulmicort again. Initially, I had been using this combination for over a year and I had not had any problems with them. The doctor was not very sure that the pain was aside effect of Advair, but all I can say is that most of the pain I was suffering is gone. He said that we would give using Advair a try again in a couple of months. Actually Advair was very easy to use, but I did like the Pulmicort and Serevent combination too. Is there anyone on this board who has had similar experiences?

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