Electronic Cigarettes: Is It Worth Its Salt?

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asked Dec 4, 2010 by anonymous

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You must have heard by now about the state-of-the-art Chinese invention the electronic cigarettes. If you browse online you will notice that there are a lot of reviews and promotions written about this smoking device and you must be wondering if this product really works or it is just one of the many products sold online that are overrated and hyped. Many claim that this product is much safer than a regular and traditional tobacco cigarette, but you have a reason to have doubts after the tobacco industry is known for its failed attempts to produce products that will allow smoking less hazardous and safer. All sorts of products were created from low tar cigarettes to light nicotine content cigarettes and it is only natural to think that the electronic cigarette is just the same, only that it looks different.
We have now a new breed of smokers who would like to continue their nicotine habit, but would like to find a much healthier option. With the advancement of science and technology the electronic cigarette was developed and now allows smokers to indulge smoking with much lesser health risks.
An average person might assume that the only harmful chemical from a regular cigarette is nicotine, but the truth is nicotine is not the only chemical found in regular cigarettes. Nicotine can be associated to the development of cardiovascular diseases among smokers but the worse kind of diseases such as lung cancer are the result of smoking tobacco based cigarettes and the many other toxic chemicals found in it. If you understand the difference between nicotine and tobacco then it is easy to answer whether the electronic cigarette is really worth its salt.
The electronic is a safe alternative to smokers who either refuse to quit or just can’t quit smoking. It still has nicotine and it simulates the inhaling and exhaling and hand to mouth activity in smoking, but minus the other toxic and carcinogenic chemicals found in a tobacco based cigarette. Nicotine is inhaled trough vapors and the iris no burning involve.
Yes the electronic cigarette is worth its salt. It is a safe alternative to smoking regular cigarettes, it can be used as a stop smoking aid, it is 70 percent cheaper and friendly to the environment.
So if you want to continue with your nicotine habit you can guilt free and 100 time safer if you use an electronic cigarette.
answered Dec 4, 2010 by anonymous