Do You Know the Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes Vs. Tobacco Cigarettes?

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asked Dec 4, 2010 by anonymous

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If one of your bad habits is smoking then today is your lucky day because you have landed the right online article that might be your guiding light to a healthier life. Nicotine dependency is one of the deadliest habits ever and though people know the serious health risks involved still many have chosen to continue smoking. No smoker wants to stay addicted to nicotine for the rest of their life and many want to stop and just could not do it because they say they don’t have the unwavering determination and will power to do it. I don’t think that is the case--they just could not resist to indulge their senses and get their quick fix.
The good news is for those who just could not quit smoking permanently and have given up trying to quit we have a new product in the market today that may help you in your problem. You can still continue enjoying the pleasures of smoking, but with much lesser health risk by using the electronic cigarettes.
A pack of regular cigarettes with twenty sticks will cost $4-$5. They are expensive and the price is even soaring high because of taxes.  In a year you will be spending not less than $1,000 for cigarettes. If you are going to use electronic cigarettes you will be saving at least $700 a year (70 percent) from your nicotine habit and with the declining economy now few extra dollars can make a lot of difference. With your $700 you can already enjoy a basic expanded cable subscription (99 channels) for a year!
A regular cigarette contains 4,000 toxic substances that can cause serious damages to your health. In a stick there are at least 43 identified carcinogenic chemicals and you will also find chemicals that you won’t dare have in your everyday life like arsenic and ammonia. If you use an electronic cigarette though you still have your nicotine but you are spared from these other harmful chemicals plus there will be no tar because it is not tobacco based and you don’t burn the nicotine to inhale it because instead you use vapors.
Also, the use of electronic cigarettes will help a lot in lessening the amount of cigarette butts disposed annually. Cigarettes butts are hard to decompose. It will take the maximum of 12 years to totally decompose cigarette butts and not to mention they are poisonous to marine life. Electronic cigarettes are very ecology friendly.
Also electronic cigarettes don’t smell bad. You will not have yellow fingers and cigarette smell in your clothes and hair and most of all you will have a sweet smelling breath always ready for a kiss. You will not be self conscious anymore when you have your date.
This device is battery operated and it is elongated. It is either shaped like a replica of a ball pen (to look discreet when used) or a regular cigarette. Inside there is a liquid nicotine cartridge and a battery. Each time you inhale the nicotine will be heated and create vapors which you will inhale and exhale as if you are smoking a real cigarette. It is clean and it even tastes better because you can choose different flavors according to your preference.
answered Dec 4, 2010 by anonymous