Is My Bleeding Related To Perimenopause?

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I am a 38-year-old full-time mom to my six and three year old kids. I have had irregular, painful, clotting (along with passing tissue), heavy periods for about a year now. My menstrual period almost lasts from 8 to 11 days. Now I sweat every night to the point of being almost soaked, for a week before my period start, and then abruptly stop when my menstruation begins. On top of that, I noticed a strong odor of ammonia from my bleeding which embarrass me so much. I don’t know if I am going through pre-menopausal already. None among my family starts menopausal at early age, so I assume I may just be like them. Is there any help that anyone could spare with me?
asked Dec 2, 2010 by anonymous