Is This Perimenopause?

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I am 37 years old and had sinus headaches for 8 years with extra congestion. Antihistamine with decongestant usually rids it until the next day. And they’re all gone for the full 9 months while I am pregnant and breastfeeding for one month. It felt best while I am pregnant and my child now is four years old already. Last year, I started having pain all over my body and most especially on left side of all joints. My breast started to feel sore and I couldn’t wear bra anymore. I am having night sweats which prevent me to sleep. I am always tired, gaining weight and periods have started going irregular but still lasts for five days until it reduced to two days only with 28 days interval of cycle. I have spotting once a month. And to top them all, both of my hands and feet always feel hurt like they’re bruised when it’s actually not. I even have memory loss.  I couldn’t remember what I just did five minutes ago. I also have an itchy skin. I already had blood tests done, RPR, TSH, B12/FOL, CBC, CMP, Lipid, ANA, Cardo, ESR and everything that I could. Would it be perimenopause symptoms? Please help me understand what I am going through now.
asked Dec 1, 2010 by anonymous