What Are the Available Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer?

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asked Nov 24, 2010 by anonymous

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When caught early before spreading to other parts of the body, prostate cancer can be stopped and treated successfully. For early stages one option of treatment is ‘watchful waiting’. This means your doctor has to often see you so he or she can track cancer. This might involve frequent blood tests and rectal exams to check growth of cancer. This is an option that is more applicable to those with slow growing cancer.

Watchful waiting does not however, involve any treatment for the cancer or kill cancerous cells. This is just an observation period, when the cancer suddenly starts to grow you can now switch to another treatment options.

Surgery, drug therapy and radiation can be another option that can treat your prostate cancer. These treatments can have side effects though, which include impotence and inconsistence. But these effects disappear after treatments.
answered Nov 24, 2010 by anonymous