What Should I Know More About Cholesterol?

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What else should I know more about cholesterol? Are there any factors that contribute to the level of cholesterol on any person?
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More and more people are suffering now a days from high cholesterol however many still do not actually know what it means. This is why I have written this health related article so that more people are aware of it and know what they can do and look out for.
Cholesterol is a fatty material. It is produced in the liver however it is also located inside of a number of different types of food. These include for example eggs, different types of meat as well as cheese and milk.
However we all do require a certain amount of cholesterol in our bodies for them to work correctly. This is due to the fact that it helps to create bile acids for example as well as various hormones. If you however have too much of it in your body then it can lead to heart problems. This is why everyone should monitor their cholesterol levels.
Coronary heart disease can be caused by a too high level of cholesterol. What happens then is that the arteries can harden which is also known as atherosclerosis which is due to a build up a type of plaque in the arteries.
The danger of this is that it can lead to a lower supply of blood being pumped to the heart which in turn can lead to angina. A heart attack often occurs when the supply of blood to the heart is entirely blocked.
There are different factors involved when one looks at the level of cholesterol in a person. I would like to end this health article by mentioning these different factors.
•    Overweight
•    Eating habits
•    Genetic
•    Age and sexuality
•    Diabetic
•    Medical conditions
•    Fitness
answered Nov 17, 2010 by cai6678 Helpful Soul (83 points)

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