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What Does Altacef Treat?

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What does altacef treat? What kind of people,suffering from what disease are prescribed with altacef? And where is it used?

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Altacef is used for treating bacterial infections associated with (upper and lower) respiratory tract infections (upper and lower), genito-urinary tract infection (UTI), bones and joints, skin and soft tissues, surgical infections and gonorrhea.  It also helps in reducing inflammation.

It is a branded antibiotic product containing an active ingredient Cefuroxime axetil.  This antibiotic should be taken not on an empty stomach.  People who have a history of anaphylactic reactions to penicillin, colitis, pseudo membranous should not take this medicine as it could have adverse effects.  Those who have been addictive to antibiotics are also warned not to use this medicine.  Special precautions are also advised against pregnant women and those who are in the lactation period.    

Varying dosages are given to different kind of infections.  For adult patients who have severe lower respiratory infection or Pneumonia, dosage that should be given is 500mg bid.  Adults who have Pyelonephritis or mild to moderate lower respiratory tract infections and for most infections, 250mg bid should be taken.  Uncomplicated gonorrhea suffered by adults would have to be treated with 1g as a single dose.  Children are given a lower dosage, 125mg bid up to a maximum of 250 mg.  For infants (less than two years old) who have been diagnosed with Otitis Media or severe infections, they are given 250mg bid with a maximum of 500mg per day.

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