How Long Does Prilosec Stay In Your System?

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I was just wondering how long prilosec stays in your system or the body after taking it for months.    It you take twenty milligrams in the morning and  twenty milligrams in the evening and then stop on day one, how many days would it take to be completely out of your system.

Also the same question with aspirin. If you take three to six tablets of aspirin a day for months and then stop how many days would it take to get completely out of your system. Is that why Doctors. want you to stop aspirin for two weeks before surgery. Does it actually get out of your system in less time than two weeks.

please email the answers to  and/or send in the email where I could locate the answers if they are by chance podted on this site as well. I also asked the question and entered it into the search on this website but only one answer seemed to come up. if you can be of any more assistance, it would be most appreciated
asked Sep 14, 2010 by anonymous

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the elimination half life of omeprazole (prilosec) is 0.5-3 hours. half life refers to the time it takes for the original concentration of the drug upon administration is reduced to half.  this is means that after 1-6 hours of taking the last dose of prilosec the dose left is only 25% and so on.
answered Apr 6, 2013 by februarylove18 Diamond Guide (6,771 points)